January 4, 2018

We are appealing for information after two dogs – in Crumlin and New Tredegar – were found straying and injured on New Year’s Day.

RSPCA Cymru received “deeply worrying” calls about distressed and unwell stray dogs on New Year’s Day in the Caerphilly County Borough area – which could be linked to the fear sparked by fireworks displays.


Officers were alerted to stray dogs found in Crumlin and New Tredegar, on New Year’s Day.


The charity fears that the straying may have been caused by the dogs being frightened by late-night fireworks as Wales celebrated the arrival of 2018.


In Trinant in Crumlin, a collapsed brown and white stray dog was found – shivering and soaking wet, covered in mud.  The dog was very scared, had some hair loss on the back end, red skin and bleeding.


On the same day, in New Tredegar, a skinny grey and white whippet was found collapsed, with a limping, very weak leg, at a Brithdir property.


Neither of the two dogs were microchipped, prompting an RSPCA Cymru appeal for information about who their owners may be, and how they ended up straying in these circumstances. The dogs are both now in the care of council dog wardens.


RSPCA inspector Annie Simmonds said: “These two incidences are deeply worrying, with both dogs found alone and in a sorry state.


“Sadly, neither was microchipped, so we are eager to find their owners, or any information about how they came to be left out in this way. Our inspectorate appeal line is available on 0300 123 8018.


“It seems very possible that – given they were found on New Year’s Day – both dogs may have been frightened by fireworks, and ran away from home. An estimated 45 percent of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear firework bangs.


“The RSPCA offers advice to owners about keeping pets safe and happy when fireworks are being let off.”